• Ben Morris

  • Michael         


  • Taletha


  • Jennifer Deluca

  • Stevie



  • Gary McIntrye 


    Susan Kirklin

  •                 Demetre                        Souliotes

  • Victoria


  • Brandon


  • Bameo

  •             Markus and               Tren

  • Glenn                Ball


                                     Arjay & Malia                                 


2019 Registration is live!

The 2019 staff  

Ben Morris and Victoria Henk

Arjay Centeno and Malia San Nicolas

Angel and Debbie Figueroa

Brandi Guild

Michael Kielbasa

Glenn Ball

Demetre Souliotes

Brandon and Kristen Parker

Tara Trafzer

Stephen White

Christopher Dumond

Judging Staff:

Dani Canziani

David Appel

Samantha Buckwalter

Jerome and Bonnie Subey

Kenneth Rutland &

Bryn Anderson

Austin Scharnhorst &
Kali Casas

Beata Howe

Carlito Rofoli

more to come!

Gary McIntyre and 
Susan Kirklin

Ben McHenry and
Cameo Cross

Markus Smith and Tren Veal

Jen Deluca

Taletha Jouzdani


Ruby Lair

Helen Tocco

Cher Peadon

Chris Singley

Liz Ravdin

Sheven Kekoolani
Glenn Ball

Tara Trafzer

Judging Team: 

Head Judge:
Stevie Dawn Blakely

Matt Carter

Check out this amazingly ridiculously awesome routines by our 2018 staff!

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Through the National FastDance Association, this multi-day event is licensed by:



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